Alexander YoungAmelia "Millie" JenkinsAndrew Paton
Andy (George Andrew) PatonArmadale School (Selkirk)Baltic Community Hall
Basin HeadBasin Head BeachBear River
Bear River School (North)Bear River School (South)Bears
Beaton House (Leard House)Black PondBluefin Restaurant
BothwellCable HeadCaleb Cushing Carlton, Sr.
Campbell's CoveCampbell's Cove School (St. Culumba)Catherine "Kate" Blackett
ChaffeyCharlie YoungCharlotte Murray
ChepstowChepstow SchoolChivarees
ClearspringClearspring SchoolColville Bay
Colville SchoolCow RiverDingwells Mills
Donald BeatonE. D. Fraser's General StoreEarl Dwan
Early History of the Town of SourisEast Baltic SchoolEast Baltic Starch Factory
East PointEast Point LighthouseEast Point School
Eastern Adventure GroupEastern KingsEastern Packing Company
EglingtonElectricity in SourisElmira
Elmira SchoolElmira Train StationElva L. MacDonald
Emily LeetFather WalkerFive Houses
Flora MacDonaldFlora Neale (nee Paton)Folklore
FortuneFortune Back BeachFortune Front Beach
Fortune HarbourFortune RiverFortune Road School
Fountain HeadGeneral Note DumpGeorge Chaffey
George PatonGlencorradaleGoose River
Gowan BraeGowan Brae SchoolGranville School (Souris Line Road)
Hermanville (Black Brook)History of Cars in the Souris AreaHistory of Fishing in the Souris Area
History of Schools in SourisHistory of Street and Road NamesHistory of the Railway in the Souris Area
Howe BayImperial HotelIra Young
Irene Margaret ChingJ. J. Hughes CompanyJ. S. Francis & Sons
Jessie R. RobertsonJohn "Councillor" JenkinsJohn J. (Black Hill) Stewart
John Joseph DwanJohn KnightJohn MacDonald
John McLeanJohnny BelindaJohnny Young
Joseph ChaffeyJoshua F. MacDonaldKingsboro
Kingsboro SchoolKlondyke Mill (Acorn Mill)Lakeville
Lakeville SchoolLeard's Men's WearList of Historical Schools in the Sourispedia area
List of Known Nicknames and HandlesList of Local Superstitions and BeliefsLittle Harbour
Little Harbour SchoolLloyd's Service StationLoretta (Black Hill) Stewart
Lydia (Jane) Paton (nee Chaffey)Lydia MacVaneMacKenzie Motors
MacPhee's Save EasyMain PageMargaret Paton (nee Young)
Margaret Young (nee Stewart)Marie SwallowMatilda (Duncan) Stewart
Matthew & McLean BuildingMatthew & McLean CompanyMayors of Souris
McLean HouseMills in the Souris AreaMilton School (Souris Line Road)
Miss Queen of the SeaMonticelloMorley Acorn
N. H. Richards & SonNaufrageNew Harmony
New ZealandNew Zealand SchoolNorris Pond School
North LakeNorth Lake SchoolNotable Weather Events
Owen ConnollyPicnic at GroshautPostal Service in the Souris Area
Priest PondPriest Pond SchoolR. R. Dwan
Race History of Nathan PatonRed HouseRed Point Farmers (Tug of War Team)
Red Point Provincial ParkRed Point SchoolRed Rock Adventure Company
Robert SwallowRobertson's General StoreRock Barra
Rock Barra SchoolRollo BayRollo Bay Bell
Rollo Bay Consolidated SchoolRollo Bay FlatsRollo Bay West School
SRHS ValedictoriansSandbox Test PageSeaview Hotel
Seaview Hotel (Cox Hotel)SelkirkShepherd's of Gowan Brae
SourisSouris BeachSouris CIBC
Souris Christmas ParadeSouris Fire DepartmentSouris Grammar School
Souris HarbourSouris Haunted Hike 2016Souris High School
Souris HospitalSouris IrvingSouris Lighthouse
Souris Mouse PlaguesSouris Petro-CanadaSouris Regatta
Souris Regional High SchoolSouris Regional High School Graduation CeremoniesSouris Regional High School Men's Rugby Team
Souris Regional High School Year 1955Souris Regional High School Year 1957Souris Regional High School Year 1959
Souris Regional High School Year 1960Souris Regional School Cross Country TeamSouris Showhall Theatre
Souris SlangSouris Snack BarSouris Tim Horton's
Souris Train StationSouris Wildcats Football ClubSouth Lake School
St. Alexis ChurchSt. CharlesSt. Columba Roman Catholic Church
St. Margaret's SchoolSt. Margarets ChurchSt. Mary's Convent
St. Mary's Roman Catholic ChurchStar GroceryTelephones
Ten Farms Become a TownThe Big TreeThe Glen
The Great Fire of the North-EastThe Island's Last BearThe Phoenix: Antiques and Oddities
The Wreck of the SovintoTheophilus MacDonaldThomas Kickham
Town HallTrain NotesTrue Friend
Tug of WarUriah MatthewUsen Fisheries
Wellness SurveyWheel of Fortune HotelWilliam "Bill" Stewart
William "Billy" Dick DingwellWilliam Dingwell (Billy Dick)Winter Fun
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File:McKay Car see TFBAT.jpgFile:McKenzies Garage George Paton.jpgFile:McLean House Inn.jpg
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File:Souris Theatre Ad 1946.jpgFile:Souris Town Hall Post Office Post Card.jpgFile:Souris Train Station 1895.jpg
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File:St. Marys Convent Date Unknown Taken from Guardian 1954 May 7.JPGFile:St Alexis Church Historic.jpgFile:St Columba Church.JPG
File:St Marys Church built 1849 rectory 1852.JPGFile:St Marys Convent TFBAT.JPGFile:Storefront Photo.jpg
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